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It’s that time of week again. Let’s take a quick tour around the blogosphere and see what we missed:

If You Don’t Rank, Did You Fail?
I particularly like this SEOBook article, because it points out to those obsessed about top-level, generic keyword rankings that all types of marketing are about winning the war of conversions and sales, not each individual battle for rankings.

Feedburner Subscriber Reports Bug: Major Drops in Counts
If you are running FeedBurner on your blog, don’t worry if your feed count seems to have significantly dropped lately. FeedBurner has had more issues with this than anything. Every week, my feed count seems to jump up and drop. I look more at the median count than the day to day. Perhaps some day Google will care enough about FeedBurner to fix these issues.

Big Changes in the Alexa Algorithm
If you use Alexa as a measure of ongoing success and comparison, you might have noticed some changes recently. This DailyBlogTips writer thinks the Alexa algorithm has been changed, and will be reflected on many sites. Check your Alexa ranking today and compare it to what it was a month ago.

How the Right Words Help You Sell
CopyBlogger is THE place for blogging tips. This post reminds us that painting pictures with our words is crucial for success. This is a lesson all SEOs especially need to learn, since we’re sometimes obsessed with keyword placement and other technical issues.

The Real Joke about Marketing: Lack of Integration
I appreciate the point Rohit is trying to make in this post. Too many initiatives run by too many groups with far too little communication and strategic integration. A unified brand is essential to overall success, and someone has to pull in the reigns and demand integration and cohesion among all initiatives.

What’s Wrong with Corporate Social Media, and How to Fix It
Jeremiah Owyang, as usual, writes on a subject near and dear to all our hearts. Follow the links on this post to get the full blog coverage of this panel discussion.

There you have it. Enjoy your weekend reading, and we’ll see you next week!

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