Friday Links

It”s okay to be excited. Don”t hold it in or you”ll burst. It”s Friday! You made it. You survived. But boy, were you busy! You probably missed some important blog and news items along the way, what with your meetings and projects and, well, whatever it is you call that other stuff you do.

So check it out. These are the links we thought you shouldn”t miss:

TechCrunch –

Yahoo! Tech – Microsoft, Yahoo team up to ding Google with Bing

Marketing Pilgrim –

NY Times – Does That Facebook App Have a Privacy Policy? Probably Not

Web Strategist – The Importance of Social Media Audits

ABC News – Flower Shop Launches First Facebook Store

CBS 11 – Visit CBS 11 article for local social media deals

Web Strategist – How to Use Interns In Your Social Programs

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