Friday Links

In case you missed some of the news and updates due to a heavy schedule, we’ve listed a few articles from this past week that we think you should read. Yes, you. No, you too. Have a great weekend!

Google Analytics Blog: Depth and Discovery: Powering Visualizations with the Google Analytics API

Marketing Pilgrim: Cup of Joe: How Not to Go Viral and Look Like an Idiot

Small Business SEM: Google Has the Real Estate Industry on Borrowed Time

Samir Balwani: What is Resultant Marketing and Why Does it Matter?

Conversation Marketing:  The speed factor: Google algorithm change favors small business

Red Fly Marketing: How AdWords Can Be Your Best SEO Tool in Your Arsenal

Smashing Magazine: 6 Useful Coding Solutions For Designers And Developers

Marketing Vox: Twitter’s Commercial Push Signals Move to Monetize


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